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Frequently Asked Questions

And some other important information for those curious about the products I use.

What cleaning products do you use?

I primarily use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day or Method for household cleaning products. I've found both brands to be of great quality for cleaning and they are more friendly to our planet. They also smell great too, no harsh chemicals!

If, for some reason, I need to use a harsher chemical for a messier spot or stain, we can talk through some cleaning options before I get started on it.

Do I need to provide anything as the client?

If you would like me to use your own trusted cleaning products, I am happy to use what you supply. However, I do not require any supplies from my clients for the cleaning services I offer. I am happy to use your vacuum, mop, and broom, but am equally as happy to use my own. I don't offer any discounts for using your products or supplies.

Do I need to leave when you come over to clean?

This one is totally up to you as my client. I am guaranteeing a trusted service, but completely understand if you don't feel comfortable with someone in your house without you home. If you would like to remain home while I clean, I just ask that you give me the space I need to clean well and do the job correctly. I can promise my work will be as exceptional as possible, but it has to be given a little time to get to that point. Once I clean for you a few times, I can tell you about how long regular cleans will take so you are able to plan ahead however you need to!


What is included in a typical clean?

The costs for services I offer is on the services/pricing page. These estimated rates are based on a typical housecleaning: bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dust, vacuum, polish furniture, sweep, mop, etc. My goal is to do whatever it takes to get your home as sparkly clean as possible. 

Not included in the estimate rates, but other services I offer:

  • Inside window cleaning

  • Oven clean

  • Refrigerator clean

  • Deep clean (major moving of furniture)

  • Attics/Storage Space/Basement

  • Organizing and decluttering

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